Gaming and Simulation for Education and Training

Educational simulations and gaming environments have shown to create new ways to solve today's difficult problems. We aspire to create intuitive and creative experiences for the generations to come.

Business Development Services

Utilizing our team's diverse set of skills, our company is ready to provide your business or organization with world class consultation and support.

Digital marketing and Web Development

From Single Page Applications utizing technoligies such as AngularJS, Drupal and Wordpress, we consult with you to understand your business, your customers and your goals to convey your message.

Located at the gates of Silicon Valley, Digital Mind, Inc. (DIGITAL MIND) is a startup company focused on developing and providing global services in areas of next generation educational Gaming and Simulation, Digital Marketing, Business, and Web Development. With a network of distinguished Consultants and Preferred Providers sourced worldwide, DIGITAL MIND seeks to be at the leading edge of innovation and international collaboration designing unique, strategic and practical solutions for our clients.

At DIGITAL MIND, we believe that organizations and businesses should co-evolve alongside science and technology thereby visualizing services and products through the lens of innovation. We possess or will develop the necessary empirical knowledge, technological platforms, and business solutions to help you get to where you want to be by designing tailored approaches specific to your vision and needs. From digital marketing and web development to augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and three dimensional modeling, we want to help you and your target audience to enter the world of next generation technology, knowledge networking, and global thinking.

In essence, DIGITAL MIND is a movement toward experimentation in order to conceive and implement a network-enabled “fusion center” of empirical knowledge and technological artifacts.

As such, our mission is to:

  • Introduce technological processes and capabilities to make knowledge actionable

  • Innovate data sharing techniques and create opportunities to dissect gathered knowledge

  • Produce detailed interpretations of gained knowledge necessary to guide and harmonize international operations, academic instruction, and partnership development

Inherent within our business model is a blended approach to learning that introduces opportunities for cost savings while delivering high-impact knowledge services supported by academic collaboration and implemented through knowledge fusion centers, and eventually, virtual universities.

Our focus is to achieve “unity of effort” where “unity of command/management” is not possible. DIGITAL MIND will provide the international community with collaborative problem solving events, virtual and constructive simulations and gaming that incorporate development of interpersonal skills.